Posted: 23 Apr, 2018

Kevin Osbon completed London Marathon 1

Focus Consultants partner Kevin Osbon has successfully completed the hottest London Marathon on record – raising more than £2,000 for charity.

But he has vowed that his first marathon will also be his last.

“It was absolute carnage,” said Kevin. “Nearly everyone had to walk or run in spurts after Canary Wharf, which seemed to be littered with bodies seeking attention. My feet blistered, my running shoes melted and stuck to the pavement – I have never run in such hot, tough conditions.

“I trained in the ice and ran in the Sahara. That was the first and last marathon for me.”

Kevin was running alongside 40,000 others in temperatures of up to 24.1C (75.3F). He completed the world-famous event in a time of 05:52:45.

“I wanted to do it in under five hours but in the end, I was just happy to finish with a five in front of it,” added Kevin, who lives at Fiskerton, near Southwell.

Kevin, has had six knee operations over the past 15 years – including two total knee reconstructions.

He was raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust and his fund-raising page remains open for donations

As a teenager, he spent three weeks on an adult cancer ward after having a mole on the back of his leg cut out, because the children’s cancer ward was full. The mole proved to be benign.

“Like many families, we have been affected by cancer – losing a brother, grandparents, parents and uncles,” said Kevin.

“I have five children, four of them are teenagers, and like any parents we worry about them. Cancer is indiscriminate and affects us all but affecting or taking the life of a young person yet unlived is something we need to stop, which is why I ran to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.”

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