Posted: 11 Dec, 2019

Five years after launching a service to provide air testing for new and refurbished buildings, Focus Consultants has marked its 5,000th air pressure test.

Since Focus set up the offer in 2014, demand has increase year on year, and from what started as a service specifically for the East and West Midlands region, it now operates on a national scale to service clients all over the country.

Jason Redfearn, Managing Partner at Nottingham-based Focus Consultants and overseer of Focus ASSESS, said: “It truly is wonderful to see the service grow from its humble beginnings five years ago. We’ve accomplished a great deal in that time and this latest milestone is testament to the good work carried out by all our engineers day in, day out.

“Client satisfaction is at the forefront of what we do with all our services. With air testing in particular, our engineers work with the site teams to ensure they have the best chance of success, and if for any reason they do fall short, we provide expert advice on how to rectify any issues.”

Air Pressure Testing, a service offered under the Focus’ ASSESS ‘On-Site Testing’ division, provides both testing and advice on residential and commercial buildings of all sizes.


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