Posted: 16 May, 2019

Focus Consultants has staged a string of fund-raising activities to support Stonebridge City Farm in Nottingham, after the community charity launched an urgent appeal in January to raise £30,000 to keep the farm going through the winter months.

Staff at Nottingham-based Focus came up with some fun Easter activities to raise much-needed cash, which was topped up by the partners at the firm, Focus has handed over a cheque for more than £270.

Stonebridge City Farm is a community charity which has been an important part of Nottingham life for the past 40 years and is described as a small slice of the countryside in the heart of the City of Nottingham. It began life in the St Ann’s area of Nottingham during the 1970s when a group of people leased a parcel of unused land from the local authority to grow flowers, vegetables and herbs and keep small animals. The original committee also saw the farm as a place for education and involvement.

Today the farm supports 120 people a week, many of whom have a learning disability or a mental health difficulty. Services also give invaluable respite to the carers and families of the farm’s beneficiaries. It is also a popular visitor centre for local families who enjoy the gardens, the play area and spending time with a wonderful range of animals for FREE. The farm supports many different education programmes with a number of schools and colleges from the city and county. In 2018, it offered volunteering opportunities for over 700 people.

The charity receives no direct funding for two-thirds of the people it supports (80 per week) and the farm’s public service grant funding has been reduced significantly over the past few years. Whilst it continues to raise other income and tries to control costs, providing this important community service is expensive, particularly during the winter months when visitor numbers drop.

Staff at Focus raised £135.40 for Stonebridge City Farm with various Easter activities and events including a scrumptious bake sale! The Focus partners kindly matched the amount that was raised, which brought the total to £270.80.

Laura Summers, new Chair of Stonebridge City Farm and Cultural Services Consultant for Focus, said: “The response to our appeal has been absolutely overwhelming. We knew our farm was valued by those who use it, but we had not expected the show of support we have received. For the last 40 years the farm has provided services for those most in need within our community, it is a safe haven and a free attraction enabling access for all. We are due to release the results of the appeal soon, but it has surpassed our expectations and we are now looking at how best to use that money to ensure the future of the farm. We wish to extend a huge thank you to Focus for its support.”

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